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Shipwreck Motel, Fort Myers Beach, FL
Beaches, Sun and Family Fun....

That's what your vacation at the Shipwreck Motel is all about. Let us take care of the little details of your Florida vacation, while you take care of big decisions - whether to soak-up the sun next to the pool or the Gulf... picnic by the lagoon or take a leisurely stroll to one of the many nearby Fort Myers Beach restaurants...
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Important Information about the Gulf Oil Spill:

There’s a good reason why we’re optimistic our shoreline and islands will have minimal impact from the Gulf oil spill. Recent projections by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) report the probability of oil impacting for Ft. Myers Beach is less than 1 percent.

See Probability Map from NOAA 
More Information from NOAA